QuickPic Acquisition Sparks User Outrage

Popular Android photo gallery app QuickPic has been acquired by Cheetah Mobile, a developer known for its adware-ridden apps. QuickPic users are angry about the acquisition and have flooded the app's Play Store page with negative reviews. Cheetah Mobile is notorious for creating duplicate apps and flooding them with fake downloads and reviews. Users are now seeking alternative photo gallery apps.
Sep. 04, 2023 22:37
QuickPic Acquisition Sparks User Outrage

QuickPic, an Android photo gallery and viewer, has built a strong userbase over the years due to regular updates, good communication with users, extra features, and adherence to Android design standards. However, fans of QuickPic were outraged when they discovered that the app had been sold and re-published by Cheetah Mobile. They expressed their anger by leaving negative reviews on the app's Play Store page under the new developer name "Cheetah Mobile Cloud (NYSE:CMCM)".

If you're not familiar with Cheetah Mobile, they are known for creating apps that are often considered low quality and filled with adware. They have numerous apps under different publisher names on the Play Store, many of which duplicate features already available on users' phones, such as flashlights, keyboards, and browsers. These apps inject advertising into users' lives at every opportunity.

Cheetah Mobile also publishes apps that are essentially useless, including "virus scanners," "battery boosters," and "game boosters." While it cannot be proven that Cheetah Mobile manipulates app downloads and reviews, there are suspicions that they engage in such practices. One of their apps, "Clean Master Boost & AppLock," has over 500 million downloads and its reviews show questionable behavior that affects the Play Store rating.

In summary, Cheetah Mobile is seen as a spammy corporate entity in the form of mobile apps. Their acquisition of QuickPic, a respected app created by Nanling Zheng AKA Q-Supreme, is disheartening. The former developer, who offered the app for free with only a donate button for monetization, may have wanted or needed a payday. However, it is disappointing to see a reputable app fall into the hands of a sleazy company like Cheetah Mobile.

The recent update to QuickPic on August 28th did not seem to bring any changes other than the publisher. It remains to be seen whether Cheetah Mobile will interfere with the app's functionality or design. Developers may want to consider creating a feature-rich Material Design photo gallery, as there are now many users in search of an alternative to QuickPic.

Thanks: Sergii Pylypenko