Temu stock surge continues; PDD stock's future outlook

Pinduoduo's stock, including its subsidiary Temu, has seen a significant increase in the past month due to strong Q2 earnings. However, the stock has faced some losses recently and is currently facing resistance. Investors have also opened an investigation into Pinduoduo following allegations of spyware in its shopping app, which caused a temporary drop in the stock price. Investors may proceed with caution depending on the outcome of the investigation.
九月. 19, 2023 08:14
Temu stock surge continues; PDD stock's future outlook

Pinduoduo (NASDAQ: PDD), the parent company of the popular Chinese e-commerce platform Temu, experienced a significant increase in its stock price last month. This surge was driven by the release of the company's Q2 earnings report, which revealed a remarkable 66% year-over-year revenue increase, surpassing market expectations.

Following the earnings report, PDD's share price reached $103.3, close to its 2023 high of nearly $104.7. However, the stock has lost some of those gains in recent weeks and was trading at $99.38 before the market opened on September 18. Nevertheless, it rose 0.4% during the September 15 trading session and has climbed around 3.9% over the past week and more than 24.4% in the past 30 days, adding approximately $28 billion in market cap during that period.

Year-to-date, Pinduoduo's stock price has increased by over 16%. Currently, the stock is facing resistance in a zone around $99.64, indicating a potential increase in selling pressure. On the other hand, there is a support zone near $96, suggesting that buying pressure could surge if the stock moves downward.

Despite the positive performance, PDD investors may need to exercise caution due to legal concerns. The Frank R. Cruz legal firm recently initiated an investigation into PDD on behalf of investors, citing a potential breach of federal securities regulations. This investigation was prompted by a report from research firm Grizzly Research, which alleged that PDD's shopping app, Temu, is "the most dangerous malware/spyware package currently in widespread circulation." The report claimed that the app has hidden functions that allow for extensive data exfiltration without the users' knowledge, potentially granting bad actors access to customers' mobile devices. PDD's shares fell nearly 5% following the release of this report.

While the stock has somewhat recovered since then, the ongoing investigation may influence investors to adopt a more cautious approach in the future. It is important for investors to stay informed about the developments surrounding this issue.

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