Zhihu's Financial Projection

Zhihu is set to report its quarterly earnings, with analysts estimating an EPS of -$0.09. Investors hope for positive guidance for the next quarter. Zhihu's past performance shows mixed results, and its stock has been declining over the past year. Long-term shareholders are likely bearish.
Jul. 16, 2023 08:52
Zhihu's Financial Projection

Zhihu ZH is scheduled to release its latest quarterly earnings report on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Ahead of the announcement, here are some key points for investors to consider.

According to analysts, Zhihu is expected to report an earnings per share (EPS) of $-0.09. However, investors who are optimistic about the company's performance will be hoping for an earnings beat and positive guidance for the next quarter.

It's worth noting that the impact on stock prices is not solely determined by whether a company beats or misses earnings estimates. Guidance or forecasted growth can also significantly influence stock prices.

In the previous quarter, Zhihu exceeded EPS expectations by $0.05. However, this positive surprise was followed by a 4.67% drop in the share price the next day. Here is a summary of Zhihu's past performance and the resulting price changes:

Quarter | EPS Estimate | EPS Actual | Price Change %
Q3 2022 | -0.11 | -0.06 | -4.67%
Q2 2022 | -1.02 | -0.11 | -0.38%
Q1 2022 | -0.14 | -0.10 | 21.9%
Q4 2021 | -0.08 | -0.06 | -5.92%

As of March 20, Zhihu's shares were trading at $1.13. Over the past 52 weeks, the stock has experienced a decline of 58.41%. These negative returns suggest that long-term shareholders may have a bearish outlook leading up to this earnings release.

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