Your debt investigation partner
One-to-one entrusted investigation for settlement of commercial debt liquidation that is non-alarming, does not violate law, is not illegal and minging of clues can be accessed 7 * 24h online to in order to maximize the benefits of asset liquidation.
Commercial debt collection investigation
We provide global investigation serviceIto tackle the problems of commercial debt collection, such as the debtor's loss of contact and unidentified evidence of assets. Our investigations span over 190 countries and regions. All the open-source data in the whole network can be collected to help you successfully lock in the evidence of liquidation.
New methods of commercial debt investigation
1.Subject matter working group
7 working days report, no need to travel across regions, take advantage of opportunity to collect liquidated assets.
2.Track absconding debtors service
Re-establish contact with debtor, find current place of residence and track activity to increase contact re-establishment rate with the debtor.
3.Asset investigation service
Unearth hidden assets and relevant enforceable asset clues, including real estate, equity, creditor's rights and other assets.
4.Investigation without interferences
Do not disturb the investigated object, and ensure the safety of the entrusting party and the investigators.
5.Improve asset collection rate
Assist in formulating an effective settlement plan to safeguard client’s legitimate rights and interests.
Your company's investigation assistant
We assist in investment projects, screening enterprises, background checks of competitors, early warning, field investigation where collection of evidence at home and abroad are difficult to obtain!
How to obtain first-hand intelligence information? Identify top business intelligence service providers!
Company Investigation
We conduct investigations by mining information , verification and intelligence analysis on the investigated target to obtain valuable information such as specified events, people, institutions, projects, etc. We help enterprises accurately grasp the intelligence information of themselves and their affiliates, competitors, partners, and target customers, thereby providing investors with a basis to effectively provide decision-making support for executive management.
1.Grasp detailed information on factors such as political environment, laws and regulations, socio-cultural, religious beliefs, and public sentiment that are different at home and abroad
2.Customized intelligence investigations on precise markets / specific targets / designated products to understand the real situation from different levels and different dimensions
3.Fully and deeply explore potential risks and opportunities so that your business decision will always seize the right opportunity
4.Asset investigation service
Unveil multifaceted evidence of hidden and related enforceable assets including real estate, equity, debt-related assets.
New means of company investigation
1.Basic information
Business information, equity structure, personnel structure, main business, investment situation, operating liabilities, etc.
2.In-depth information
Development history, business model, core technology, core personnel background, financial status, project status, etc.
3.Credit situation
Complaints and penalty, red/black list, guarantee & pledge, tax payments, etc.
4.Related investigation
Major suppliers, customers, shareholders, subsidiaries/branches, key personnel and affiliated companies
5.Other investigations
Recruitment, employee sentiment, social sentiment, political risks, economic risks, etc.